A Guide to Different Types of Boats

Lifting trout of the water in a fishing excursion is the most enthralling thing one can ever look to. For others, the thrill comes from heading far away from the mainland coast and fishing in top islands such as Hawaii.  To make every fishing moment more enjoyable, the first thing is acquiring an appropriate boat. Here are the main types of fishing boats you should consider the next time you go fishing.

Center Console Boats

Like the name suggests. These types of boats are fitted with a console around the deck. They are preferred by many people because they can use them to fish both in salt and fresh waters. Besides, they come with the varying configuration that includes T-tops and other enclosures that protect from rain and the sun. Depending on the nature of fishing, you can select a small 15-footer fishing boat with a single engine to a long 42-footer boat with up to 4 engines. Most of the center console boats come with fish lockers.

The walkarounds fishing boats

The walkarounds are in many respects like the center consoles but come with full-length deck for people to move on when fishing. Besides, they also have a weatherproof perch for a captain and candy with ample lounging space. This design makes this boat very popular for both fishing and other aqua adventures. Other common features in the walkarounds include rod holders, stow away seating and carefully positioned steps to get into the forward deck.

Fish and ski boats

For many people who love taking more time in the water, fishing is only one of the many enthralling activities. Fish and ski boats are ideal for most water activities especially water skiing and fishing. Whether you love to go wakeboarding, tow tubing, high-speed cruise, or fish in salty water, these boats are the best. They come with aerated livewells that ensure the entire catch remains fresh, while the flip-up seats provide additional space for a bigger catch.  

All-purpose fishing boats

These boats resemble the bass boats but are fitted with higher fences. This makes them a better choice especially for couples or small families. Because they are built with deeper angle-hulls and a steering wheel, they feel just like a car. Some of the all-purpose fishing boats are fitted with livewells that help to keep the fish alive. 


Though Bowriders resemble deck-boats in many ways, their halls look more of a v-looking shape. Many people prefer to use them for cruising at very high speed without worrying how to handle sharp turns. One important feature of the Bowriders is a tow-eye that allows users to carry their tubes or wakeboarders. Because of the open bow-up front, the bowriders are greatly preferred by large families and fishing teams.

Remember that the fishing boat you select should always be guided by the personal preference, the type of fish, and the team to be involved. You should also factor the amount of cash you are willing to spend when picking a fishing boat.



Must Have Fishing Equipement Before Fishing

Getting out to fish in the sea, lake or river is fun. The moment your target salmon takes the bait and you retrieve it from the water will be truly magnificent. To enjoy every moment, you need the right fishing equipment to throw the cast, lure the fish, and retrieve it from the water. You also require appropriate cold storage to keep the fish safe when going back home. Here are the must have fishing equipment before fishing.

Fishing rods and reels

Depending on the type of fishing tackle you anticipate to use, it is important to select the right rods and reels. The rods and reels allow the fisherman to cast the lure and bait further from the fishing boat. Besides, they are also very useful in retrieving the lures, fish, and battling bigger fish.

The fishing rods are given names based on whether they have reels or not. The rod allows you to cast the line ad far as possible and also protects the line from damage. The rod holds the reel that has the line attached to a special pulley for retrieving the fish.

Just like the rods, fishing reels are very crucial because they make fishing easy and fun. A reel is a frame with a carefully designed spool turning on an axis to help wind the fishing line. The reel is fitted either on the upper or bottom part of the rod to release the line when casting and rolling back to retrieve the fish.

Fishing line

This is another critical piece of fishing equipment that you must have. It is a cord that connects to the fishing hook on one end and fishing reel on the other end. Selecting an appropriate line is as crucial as picking the correct rod or reel. The type of fishing line you select should be determined by the type of reel being used, target fish, and type of waters. The lines can be made from fluorocarbons, nylon monofilaments, heat-fused, and braided multifilament materials.

Fishing hooks

These are the devices fitted at the end of the fishing line for holding the lures. Once the fish takes the bait, the hook spikes in the mouth or snags the body if swallowed. The hooks are perhaps the most important for any fishing excursion. They are available in various sizes, and it is a great idea to carry an assortment when going fishing.

The sinkers and bobbers

Once you fit the bait and cast the line, it needs to get to the right depth where fish are. A sinker (lead weight) is fitted near the bait to ensure that the bait sinks to the right level. A bobber (floater) is also fitted some distance away from the sinker to keep the bait remain suspended and visible by fish. The bobber makes it possible to hold the bait still at the same point waiting for the fish to take it before retrieving.

Lures and baits

To catch a fish, it must be attracted to your trap and take it. Lures and baits are designed to mimic the natural fish food so that fish can take it and get trapped. Though you can still use the natural baits such as warms, catching and keeping them during an entire fishing session is cumbersome. Instead, people prefer using artificial lures because they are easy to get in bait stores and can be used for a long time. The lures mimic creatures like warms, frogs, and flies that your target fish feeds on.

A tackle box

Now that you have all the equipment and ready to go fishing, it is important to get them together. A tackle box allows you to carry all the equipment for an enjoyable hunting session.


The Top Fishing Kayak Brands Online

Want to have the best fishing excursion? It is time to think Kayak fishing. This is the hottest trend in the fishing industry today because you can go exploring waters, animals, and make the best catch. Even if you are used to fishing from a charter boat or simply dipping your line from the shore, try kayak fishing and the experience will be unforgettable. In this post, we bring you the top fishing kayak brands online so that you can pick the best and enjoy the best moment in the open waters.

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer

This is a very rigid and rugged Kayak that can carry up to 350 pounds. The Kayak gives a feeling of a traditional boat. It is designed with PV C material with special edge stitches that make it extra durable. Once it is inflated, you can relax without worrying that it will develop holes in the water.

ISLE Airtech 10′ SUP

This 10 feet long, 31 inches wide and 6 inches deep Kayak has won praise from every client who buys it. It has an additional bungee system fixed on the deck so that you can come with additional gear for the fishing excursion. It is done with military grade material, and you can enjoy the ride because it will not get perforated easily even if you take extended period in the waters.

Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard

This is one of the lightest Kayaks in the market today. Its sleek shape makes it super-fast on water so that you can reach the target fishing site as fast as possible. The board is made from 3 ply and special Denier PVC material to help it withstand the roughness of the waters. The Kayaks is considered the best for beginners because of its extra durability and strength.

CBC Stand up Paddle Board

This Kayak is designed with special EPS foam and will be able to carry up to 300 pounds. To make it stronger, it is designed with several layers so that you can fish as long as you want without any risk of deflation.

Ten Toes iSUP Inflatable Standup Paddleboard

This inflatable Kayak designed by Ten Toes is designed with a range of colours to match your favourite outdoor design. The military grade PVC used in the Kayak makes it exceptionally strong and durable because it can withstand the roughness of the waters. It is sold with 3 aluminium peddles that are light to use and ride very fast.

7 Fishing Kayak Accessories You Must Have

Are you planning to go out Kayaking? It presents the fisherman with a great opportunity to explore the open waters and fish in the best grounds. To enjoy even more, when out on a fishing Kayak, you need to have the right accessories. In this post, we explore the 7 most important of these accessories that you must have.

Kayak Paddle Leash

One thing that can easily ruin a fishing excursion and even turn into a disaster is losing a paddle. A gripper paddle leash holds the paddle completely on the kayak so that you can even release it without worrying it will sink into the open sea. Most grippers are about 4 feet tall to give you enough flexibility to cycle on each side or even change the direction.

Electronic Fish Finder

Although an alluring part of fishing is not knowing if you will have success that day, there comes a time when you need to catch a fish, perhaps you are out of food or you planned to have fish that day for dinner. This is where electronic fish finders for kayaks come into play.

These devices can locate shoals of fish so you can simply drop your hook into the water and have a huge increase in your success rate. For me the fun is all in the sport itself and with modern technology, such as fish finders, it’s just another way to enjoy the sport.

Whistle with a lanyard

In the same way that you should never leave a spare paddle, so should be Whistle lanyard. A whistle is very helpful should you get into trouble and want to signal other fishermen some distance away to come and rescue you. Note that the whistle is also a mandatory requirement by the authorities. If you are caught without a whistle, you will be penalized.

The paddling gloves

The most important thing when going out in a kayak is paddling. The paddling gloves give you a good grip of the paddle so that you can paddle faster and comfortably.  Remember that the gloves are available in different sizes and it is important to get a perfect fit.

Bilge Sponge

As you paddle fast, some water keeps splashing inside on the resting compartment. A bilge sponge helps to soak all the water so that you can squeeze it in the open sea. The sponge will also come in handy if it starts to rain and some water gets into the resting chamber.

Personal floatation device

Every time that you get into the deeper waters, disasters are always seconds away. Therefore, you should always have the floatation device with you for precaution.

A special dry box

This is a water proof bag that is used to store things that you do not want to get wet. It is water tight and, therefore, ideal for keeping the phone and wallet.