7 Fishing Kayak Accessories You Must Have

Are you planning to go out Kayaking? It presents the fisherman with a great opportunity to explore the open waters and fish in the best grounds. To enjoy even more, when out on a fishing Kayak, you need to have the right accessories. In this post, we explore the 7 most important of these accessories that you must have.

Kayak Paddle Leash

One thing that can easily ruin a fishing excursion and even turn into a disaster is losing a paddle. A gripper paddle leash holds the paddle completely on the kayak so that you can even release it without worrying it will sink into the open sea. Most grippers are about 4 feet tall to give you enough flexibility to cycle on each side or even change the direction.

Electronic Fish Finder

Although an alluring part of fishing is not knowing if you will have success that day, there comes a time when you need to catch a fish, perhaps you are out of food or you planned to have fish that day for dinner. This is where electronic fish finders for kayaks come into play.

These devices can locate shoals of fish so you can simply drop your hook into the water and have a huge increase in your success rate. For me the fun is all in the sport itself and with modern technology, such as fish finders, it’s just another way to enjoy the sport.

Whistle with a lanyard

In the same way that you should never leave a spare paddle, so should be Whistle lanyard. A whistle is very helpful should you get into trouble and want to signal other fishermen some distance away to come and rescue you. Note that the whistle is also a mandatory requirement by the authorities. If you are caught without a whistle, you will be penalized.

The paddling gloves

The most important thing when going out in a kayak is paddling. The paddling gloves give you a good grip of the paddle so that you can paddle faster and comfortably.  Remember that the gloves are available in different sizes and it is important to get a perfect fit.

Bilge Sponge

As you paddle fast, some water keeps splashing inside on the resting compartment. A bilge sponge helps to soak all the water so that you can squeeze it in the open sea. The sponge will also come in handy if it starts to rain and some water gets into the resting chamber.

Personal floatation device

Every time that you get into the deeper waters, disasters are always seconds away. Therefore, you should always have the floatation device with you for precaution.

A special dry box

This is a water proof bag that is used to store things that you do not want to get wet. It is water tight and, therefore, ideal for keeping the phone and wallet.

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