A Guide to Different Types of Boats

Lifting trout of the water in a fishing excursion is the most enthralling thing one can ever look to. For others, the thrill comes from heading far away from the mainland coast and fishing in top islands such as Hawaii.  To make every fishing moment more enjoyable, the first thing is acquiring an appropriate boat. Here are the main types of fishing boats you should consider the next time you go fishing.

Center Console Boats

Like the name suggests. These types of boats are fitted with a console around the deck. They are preferred by many people because they can use them to fish both in salt and fresh waters. Besides, they come with the varying configuration that includes T-tops and other enclosures that protect from rain and the sun. Depending on the nature of fishing, you can select a small 15-footer fishing boat with a single engine to a long 42-footer boat with up to 4 engines. Most of the center console boats come with fish lockers.

The walkarounds fishing boats

The walkarounds are in many respects like the center consoles but come with full-length deck for people to move on when fishing. Besides, they also have a weatherproof perch for a captain and candy with ample lounging space. This design makes this boat very popular for both fishing and other aqua adventures. Other common features in the walkarounds include rod holders, stow away seating and carefully positioned steps to get into the forward deck.

Fish and ski boats

For many people who love taking more time in the water, fishing is only one of the many enthralling activities. Fish and ski boats are ideal for most water activities especially water skiing and fishing. Whether you love to go wakeboarding, tow tubing, high-speed cruise, or fish in salty water, these boats are the best. They come with aerated livewells that ensure the entire catch remains fresh, while the flip-up seats provide additional space for a bigger catch.  

All-purpose fishing boats

These boats resemble the bass boats but are fitted with higher fences. This makes them a better choice especially for couples or small families. Because they are built with deeper angle-hulls and a steering wheel, they feel just like a car. Some of the all-purpose fishing boats are fitted with livewells that help to keep the fish alive. 


Though Bowriders resemble deck-boats in many ways, their halls look more of a v-looking shape. Many people prefer to use them for cruising at very high speed without worrying how to handle sharp turns. One important feature of the Bowriders is a tow-eye that allows users to carry their tubes or wakeboarders. Because of the open bow-up front, the bowriders are greatly preferred by large families and fishing teams.

Remember that the fishing boat you select should always be guided by the personal preference, the type of fish, and the team to be involved. You should also factor the amount of cash you are willing to spend when picking a fishing boat.